Dearest Supporters, Friends, Family and Nature Lovers!!


Allow me to introduce you to my next directing project, Icarus stops for Breakfast, a magical story of young love and the relationships that exist between humans and the landscape in which they live.

I am an award winning film director and have been working in the film Biz and theatre world for over 20 years. I am also on the faculty of the Graduate Film Program at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University


My film trilogy Play Ball! (Fanfare for A Common Man, Random Acts of Intimacy, Caught in Time) was awarded 1st Prize for Best Short Film by a woman director at the LA Women In Film competition in addition to winning Best Film at seven Film Festivals in the USA and traveled to over 50 festivals all over the world.


My production company, Weird Sisters, has produced seven short films and two music videos to date. Weird Sisters mission is to promote women artists, present thought-provoking ideas and break down barriers while interpreting the magic and mystery of the human condition.   Icarus stops for Breakfast fits this agenda and is for many reasons one of our most ambitiou s  endeavors until now; ambitious because our supporting characters are that of an owl and mule!   We will also be using special effects to produce the ethereal owl sequence which will introduce the audience to the magical quality that this film encapsulates.


I was first introduced to the project when the screenwriter, Holli Harms, handed me a copy of the short story Eating by Rick Bass and told me to read it as she felt there was a film waiting to happen. I read it and was immediately blown away by the sheer force of the story telling and subject matter. The relationships of the characters to their environment and to each other and the sublime grace and humor that enveloped everything attracted and inspired me to this quirky and beautiful love story. 

This led us to write to Rick Bass to see if he would be open to our desire to bring this story to celluloid. He has proved to be one of our biggest supporters and we are delighted to have his blessing that allows us to bring his story to life in the film medium.


Icarus Stops for Breakfast is one of those rare stories that has the ability to capture the imagination of its audience and reaffirm that common belief in the goodness of humanity.  It evokes a time gone by with roadside diners of America at the forefront of the picture. Diners that are discovered on winding mountain roads, young couples in love, the beauty of nature and the quirkiness of a small town are all part of this quintessential story. Part of our love for this story was the diner aspect, an American tradition, a place for family gatherings, friends to meet, greet and eat.


The team is made up of Holli Harms, screenwriter and playwright who is a Dramatists Guild Fellowship recipient, a Sloan Grant recipient, Finalist National Playwrights Award, Ojai Playwrights and Nantucket Playwrights, and a recent winner of the National. CityWrights Playwrighting festival.             


Producers on board are T.D. Mitchell, David Lloyd Walters and Tara Fitzpatrick who between them have produced films, television, theatre, live events and over fifty national commercials for such prestigious clients as McDonalds, Pepsi, Hermes, Rolex. 


Rick Bass, writer of the short story Eating which Icarus is adapted from, is a lauded nature writer. He is winner of the James Jones Literary Society First Novel Fellowship, awarded the General Electric Younger Writers Award, a PEN/Nelson Algren Award Special Citation for fiction, and a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship.  Rick has a gift for creating remarkable images of nature that cross the line into haunting spirituality.


Some quotes on the writing of Mr Bass:

“One of this country’s most intelligent and sensitive short story writers.”--New York Times Book Review

“Rick Bass is a national treasure.”—Carl Hiassen
“Probably no American writer since Hemingway has written about man-in-nature more beautifully or powerfully than Rick Bass.”—Dallas Morning News, The Hermit’s Story.


Our Goal: We are asking you to help fund this project. Your contribution will go directly to the cost of production for filming this ambitious project, Icarus Stops for Breakfast.  We are very happy to be working with Plum Alley as our crowd funding platform, whose goal is to provide the support for artists, entrepreneurs, scientists and inventors to raise the finances that they need to make their project.


Your Support  - Your contribution with help pay for all the production costs to make the film possible including the location fee for the diner, film equipment rental, transportation of our owl and donkey, expenses for feeding and housing our cast and crew while we are on location, specific special effects in post which of course includes CGI of the magical owl sequence that opens our film.  We truly could not do this project without your help and thank you for your kind donation and wonderful support. 

Along with your financial support, you can support us further by spreading the word to friends and family, to Lovers of Owls and Donkeys and Diners, and of course to Rick Bass readers.


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We look forward to going on this Icarus flight with you!!


With Love and Gratitude,