A young misfit couple on their first romantic camping trip to the mountains get more than what they bargained for when they find they have   inadvertently trapped an owl in the back of their pick up truck.


 In Icarus Stops for Breakfast an owl swooping too close to traffic gets caught in a canoe strapped to a pickup truck and is inadvertently taken   on a road trip.  The owl, our “Icarus,” is accidentally plucked from the sky by Russell and Sissy, a young misfit couple in the beginnings of       falling in love.  They are on a canoe trip in the mountains.  In route to their destination, they decide to stop for breakfast at a roadside diner,   where Russell proceeds to eat the diner out of business, ordering everything on the menu, and where our Owl will find his ability to fly, but       only after leaving an indelible impression on the young couple and locals.


 Icarus Stops for Breakfast is a live action narrative short about the magical story of love and the relationships that exist between humans   and the landscape in which they live. It is a quiet lyrical piece where man and nature float simultaneously in and out of harmony, bumping   and jostling against one another.

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Icarus Taking the Order.png
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Icarus Russel Owl Standoff.png
Icarus Farewell.png
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